Time Saving Social Media Management Tips

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If you are engaging in a social media platform you know that it takes constant monitoring and engagement to keep your audience interested. But you don’t always have the time to keep up with communication. To save time on your social media efforts, here are some recommendations to keep things going without heavy investment.

Use Google Alerts and RSS aggregators for post ideas
Ideally you want to share your own content on social media networks. For example, if you have a new blog post up or if there are new things going on in your business. But when you don’t have your own things to share, you can start sharing other things like news, events, or just things that interest you. But this can be very time consuming to search for things to share on social media. So to minimize the time needed to constantly go out and search the web, let the web come to you by using web tools like Google Alerts and Feedly RSS feed aggregator. I’ll explain what both are and how best to use them.

Google Alerts is great because you can put in specific keyphrases that you want to monitor information about and have it emailed to you. This way you stay on top of any new content or news that starts showing up in search engines.

Feedly is web based program that stores all your RSS feeds in 1 place so that you can keep tabs on new content from your favorite sites. So instead of having to visit a variety of different websites that you ‘source’ for information, you can just go to Feedly and review any new content that might have been published.

But even better than using these separately is using Google Alerts and Feedly together. Google Alerts also has an RSS feed option. So by opting for the RSS feed over the email, you can add the Google Alert RSS feed into Feedly so that you let all the new develops on the web accessible all in one place.  I recommend the RSS feed option of Google Alerts so that your email box doesn’t get overloaded with new emails.

Create a posting calendar
A posting calendar is a simple monthly or weekly calendar you use to schedule out what you want to post and on what days and times. Its up to you how far in advance you want to schedule posts. The best way to start is to select the themes for your social media posts and then assign them to specific days on your calendar. Some theme examples might be industry news, updates about the business, fun stuff, videos, and links to other sites. There’s no limit to the themes you create. It all comes down to what makes the most sense for your business.

Schedule posts in advance
Once you have your calendar and content gathered from Google Alerts and Feedly, it’s time to start posting them to your social media network. But you don’t want to have to log in everyday to do the post. You can schedule them through online social media web programs like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. These web tools allow you to manage, monitor and post to multiple social media channels all at once. I personally use Hootsuite because it is so feature rich with the things I need. Like link shortening, hashtagging, and, of course, scheduling posts.

Being able to schedule posts in advance allows you to take care of all your social media sharing all in 1 sitting. Additionally, you can edit your posts so if any changes are needed.

By using all of these things together, you will be able to not only effectively save time on your social media efforts but also improve the quality of the posts.


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