Why Businesses Should Track Sales With Google Analytics

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google-analyticsFor any business that generates revenue online, being able to measure where sales are coming from is essential to continued success. Without this, it’s like shooting at a target in the dark. But with the right tracking and attribution, businesses can quickly see where they are finding success and where they are not. In order to do this you have to have the right tools. For any business that sells products or services online, Google Analytics can be your best friend. Google Analytics can track more than just website traffic. It can also track revenue and sales through eCommerce tracking.

How Google Analytics eCommerce tracking works
To implement Google Analytics eCommerce tracking there is some additional coding that needs to be added to the default Analytics code. The additional code is used to track the transactions placed on the website.  So if someone clicked on your AdWords ad and made a purchase on your site, eCommerce tracking will pick up the order revenue, quantity, and cost of the click and attribute it to Adwords.

It’s free to use
No one can argue that the price tag for having a robust analytics software such as Google Analytics is very attractive. Because how can you beat ‘free’. Other web analytics can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. But Google has a product that works just as well if not better. Google Analytics can also be linked to other Google products such as Adwords making integration and usage very easy.

See revenue from all online channels
eCommerce tracking allows you as the business to track sales and revenue from any online channel that provide traffic. Having this data is invaluable to knowing where and how your sales are originating. With this information you can maximize your advertising dollars by focusing on those channels that bring in the best ROI.

Confirm sales data
Using Google Analytics eCommerce tracking also provides a way to ‘double check’ your sales and inventory data. When evaluating the cost of inventory or your sales knowing the cost to generate a sale and matching it up to revenue gives the best possible picture for your marketing. So by analyzing your sales numbers and correlating that to your marketing dollars in Analytics this drastically improves your return on investment.

Testing & measuring new areas
By being able to see where sales are coming from, it becomes easier to spot areas of strengths and weaknesses. Maybe your paid search advertising is suffering but email marketing is producing the bulk of your revenue. Maybe you want to try and new marketing channel and want to make sure to track the performance, Analytics can do that.

So if you are a business that either plans on or already sells online and don’t have eCommerce tracking then you are missing out on valuable data on your marketing dollars. Talk to your eCommerce provider about Google Analytics eCommerce tracking and see what it will take to get it up and running for your business. It’s well worth the time and setup. Here’s to your online business success.

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