Guest Post: Top 5 Features You May Not Have Known About In iOS5

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These are just a few cool iOS5 features I’ve found. Hope you find them useful!

Text Tones

You can now set your own text tones for individual contacts along with the different type of tones for calendar, new mail, etc. Also, you can finally add your own text tones like you would ringtones. It’s about time they add in this feature.  The only drawback still to alerts that I have noticed is; when you are on a call and your phone’s sound is on, you will still receive alerts in your ear.  So choose tones wisely. You don’t want some high pitched noise to go off during a call. When will this get fixed? If you know of a fix, please leave a comment below!

To change alert tones, go to Settings, then to Sounds. Then, go to contacts, edit, and text tone to change for specific contacts.





Custom Vibration Patterns

This is a feature that is also customizable for all contacts. You can now either use one of the 5 “Standard” vibrations or you can actually go to “Custom” and “Create New Vibration”. This is a great feature for when your phone is on silent, but you would still like to know who is calling you. Just create or use different vibration patterns to indicate a call.

To use this feature go to Settings, General, Accessibility, “Hearing-Custom Vibrations: On”. Then, go back to Sounds and down to Vibration Patterns to change this setting.  Then, go to contacts, edit, and vibration to change for specific contacts.






Sort Notifications Menu (or turn off pesky

Stock display)

This may be the most widely known, but it took me a while to realize that actually sorting my notifications manually changed the new notification dropdown that appears from the top bar of your phone. When you are in your notification settings you have the option of sorting manually or By Time.  Both options have their advantages:

Manually allows you to sort the notifications in any order you would like them to appear every time you look at your notifications window.  By Time will show you the notificatio
The most useful aspect of the notifications settings is the ability to organize and turn off alerts, while also selecting the type of notification you see. So, this can be changed to be the new notification that shows up at the top of the screen for about 10 seconds, the old school pop up, or none. It will however, if you choose notification center on, show in the dropdown.ns in the order they were received with newest on top.
To change your notifications, go to Settings/Notifications




LED Flash for Alerts

First off, no, there is not an LED indicator on the front of the phone like most Android and Blackberry devices. This uses the camera LED Flash to indication alerts like textDisclaimer: The LED Flash is VERY bright and if you are in a dark place this could be blinding. Use with caution. Also, it can be distracting in public places with the brightness of the flashing LED. messages. Although the LED is located on the back of the phone, it emits a bright, flash two to three times. This is useful if your phone is on vibrate or you want some other way to alert you of incoming notifications besides vibration and audible tones.To turn on LED Flash, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, LED Flash for Alert->ON 






Shortcuts-Turn Acronyms into Phrases

This feature allows you to take letters and easily turn them into phrases. The phone has one example: OMW which then forms into the phrase ”On My Way!” in a text box. It shows up as the white autocorrect. This is useful for many reasons as to quickly write out a text or use shorthand in Notes.You can create, from what I can tell, as many of these as you want. As a hint, use letter combinations that make sense to you and that you will remember so you can use this feature to its fullest potential.

To add shortcuts, go to Settings, General, Keyboard, Shortcuts







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