Social Media Explained With Bacon

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When it comes to explaining what social media is, I love infographics that use a common item we all know to put context to it. I’ve heard social media explained with everything from office supplies to donuts. But this, by far, has to be my most favorite just because it uses bacon as the example and I am a big fan of bacon. But this got me thinking that people might better understand how social media works but not actually how to make social media a success. There’s a great quote from Jay Baer, a thought leader in the social media world, that really encompasses how we should treat social media. To quote Jay, “Businesses need to stop trying to do social media, and start being social”.

So what exactly does that mean? As a business, what social media does is provide an outlet to share the great things the business is doing or involved in. Does your business sponsor a little league baseball team? Then share that on social media. Are you expanding your product line? Share it in social media.  The bottom line is social media is just a way to share on a larger scale online what you would share offline in face to face meetings.  Hopefully this image will help your business share the ‘bacon’. (Thanks to Corey Smith for creating this graphic)


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