How To Get Facebook Fans Naturally

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Facebook LikesBig brands have an advantage when it comes to generating Facebook fans because they rely on their brand recognition. But gaining that brand recognition didn’t come cheap. It took time and probably tons of money in advertising and marketing both online and offline.  So can SMB’s generate Facebook fans if money is not in the equation? Yes, it is possible and I put together the key elements to get Facebook fans naturally.

The heart of social media is being social
To grow your Facebook fan base the key is to be social, even about your business.  Take the great things you have done offline and share them online. Business owners often have this notion that there is some secret or trick to doing well in social media. But the truth is the most successful are those companies that have great things to share. Especially if they share offline things online. Do you sponsor a little league baseball team? Then why not post their schedule for the season and have regular game results. Did a customer give you a nice little thank you gift for great service? Take a photo and comment about it.

Here’s a great example of a company that I personally follow on Facebook not only because they are one of my favorite places for good food, but they manage their Facebook page very well.   They’re called SuperDawg, a local Chicago hot dog joint (although don’t call them hot dogs, they are Superdawgs). They have the best Chicago style ‘dawgs’ in all of Chicagoland.  They are also a great example of a business worth sharing about. They post a lot of great thing like customers submitted content such as photos they received from customers who dine there. Additionally, they have weekly cruise nights where people with classic cars can come and show off their ride. They frequently provide updates about what’s going on and always thank their customers. Over the years through patience and posting a lot of great stuff, they have grown to over 15K fans. They are definitely worth checking out to see examples of how to grow a Facebook fanbase.

Sure not everyone sells Superdawgs. Maybe you own a running shoe store. Then a great thing to share could be things related to running. How can you help them in regards to running? Can you provide insight on dealing with blisters? Is there some tips you could offer about the right socks to wear? If you think about the questions you get in your store from customers, you have plenty of things to share on Facebook. So what about businesses that are completely online and don’t have a retail location? The next section does address that.

You already have fans, your customers
This is something that is often overlooked by small business owners and a great starting point to build Facebook fans. If you have an existing customer base that you already communicate with whether through email, newsletters, or even face to face meetings, these are the people that need to be sought after to become Facebook fans. You know they already like your business since the made a purchase from you, so it won’t take much to have them become a fan in social media. You might be saying ‘but I want to get new fans’. Well, you have to start somewhere and the thing to remember is that your current customers have friends, family, coworkers, etc.  Facebook fans come from all sorts of sources and what better source than from an existing group of people who have already bought from you. The best part is that they have friends on Facebook and those friends are potential new Facebook fans. Reaching out to them through your existing Facebook fans is huge.

Be personal
People will relate, trust, and remember your business better if they can tie a person to it. So don’t be afraid to let people know who you are. This is something big brands can’t necessarily do. You have have a chance to personalize your social media presence just like you would with all your offline relationships. Having that exposure shows that you are invested in your business and in engaging with your fans.

At the end of the day, gaining Facebook fans takes commitment &  persistence. But by staying focused on what your business does best, reaching your current customer base, and being personal go a long way building Facebook fans naturally.


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