The Power & Value of a Site Search Box

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Everyone and their uncle use search engines to find things online. And it all starts with the search query. Knowing what keywords people are using in their search query is a sought after commodity for search marketers. This invaluable piece of information determines what landing pages best fit the query especially from a revenue point of view and what keywords to focus on for content creation.

The current search dilemma
But now search engines are not allowing search marketers and website owners to know what those search queries are because they are switching to secured searches that instead pass [not provided] instead of the actual search query. It started with Google and now Bing has followed suite. So how can site owners gain valuable insights into search queries?

Overcoming [not provided] search results
Even though we are without search query data directly from Google Analytics, there are other sources that we can at least get reasonable substitutes. The number 1 place to get keyword data from is your website through a site search box. This gives the site owner control over the data and not the search engines.

Benefits of site search box
This is immensely useful because it reveals specific things that pertain to your business. So if you sell widgets, and data from site searches reveals that most people are looking for blue widgets, its an opportunity to create more pages for blue widgets or focus product development on them. People on your site are a captive audience so you know they are interested in your product. With a site search box, you’ll know exactly what they are looking for and how best to present it

It is a shame that search query data is no longer being provided, though. It was a great resource to understand search patterns. But because of abuse by black hat search marketers, we know longer have this data. All is not lost, however, for those that know where to find the data they are looking for and do it the right way.

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