Link Building Is Not Dead

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darkside-link-buildingGoogle has been sending the SEO community in a panic with all the different updates and penalties being released to deal with all the spammy link building tactics. Just recently Matt Cutts, the head of Google Web Spam wrote a blog post titled “the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO” This caused a huge uproar with SEO’s and created quite a rash of negative comments and feedback. This happens all the time with SEO’s. Google announces some big change and they start circling the wagons. But really, if an SEO was doing link building the right way, there would no need to panic.

I follow various SEO professionals and one in particular, Eric Ward, who is widely regarded as the ‘Godfather of link building’ wrote a very honest and accurate article that shows how link building tactics haven’t been necessarily a bad thing but it is the way in which SEO’s employ those tactics.

Link building is not futile
For example I’ll use the recent concern with the link building tactic of guest blogging. Eric brilliantly points out that his own article is a guest blog post on SearchEngineLand.  This is a great example of when guest blogging is acceptable and worth it. Eric is a frequent guest blogger on SearchEngineLand and has an established profile on their site. His post is in line with the content of site and the site. And lastly, it’s just a darn good read on link building.

Link building is like using the Force
Think of link building as the Force from Star Wars. Just like a Jedi who can either use the Force for good or be turned to the dark side, the Force in and of itself is not good or bad. But it is the person who uses it that decides the path to take. So link building is still viable in a overall SEO strategy and even link building tactics are still doable. It comes down to how an SEO chooses to use link building techniques. Will they look for relevant and complimentary sources or just any old site that accepts links?

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