Link Building Starts With Great Content

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There is a paradigm shift in SEO that has been subtlety brewing in regards to link building. In the most recent past, link building could be bought and sold like commodities without really having any value to it. However, link building has been monitored and regulated by Google in an effort to create real value.

Links are being treated now as they always should have been. Basically as an honest ‘vote’ for relevant and useful content. All the updates that Google has been rolling out to facilitate this over the years (Penguin comes to mind) showcase this. They want authentic and real links not just empty value.

When you break it down, link building is nothing more than a popularity campaign. If your content is deemed worthy, someone will vote for your site by sharing a link to the content. We see this all the time on social media. People and businesses are always asking for others to like their Facebook page or double tap their Instagram post or follow them on Twitter.

So what can make link building successful? The secret is you have to be able to answer the question ‘Why should someone link to you?’. This is where having great content becomes useful. Let them know they should link to your content because it can benefit their audience. This technique does multiple things. First, it gives you a reason for someone to link to your site. Second, the content is available for the search engines to include in their indexing. Lastly and probably most importantly it benefits your audience by giving something that can provide value.

Google has always said that content is king. This is true and it servers different purpose so we can see why it truly is king. That’s why even link building should start with great content.

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