Google PageRank No Longer In Google Toolbar

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Google PageRankGoogle PageRank is the ranking system that Google uses to assign a value for a particular website. For years this metric has been accessible through the Google Toolbar. But slowly but surely, it has been phased out. It used to be that the Google Toolbar could be installed on popular PC web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. But with each new browser update or version, the Google Toolbar has been excluded and so has PageRank data as a result. What’s most perplexing was the fact that Google Chrome never even supported Google Toolbar.

Back in February 2013, Matt Cutts, head of web spam for Google, provided a video explaining why PageRank is still being shown in the toolbar. But according to Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Roundtable, there hasn’t been an update for months. It’s curious why they haven’t updated PageRank value in quite some time when in the video Matt didn’t foresee it going away.

PageRank has always been used by SEO’s as way to value and gauge websites. In the past, it was widely manipulated to improve using various link building schemes that were deemed to be unnatural or just plain not allowed. But with the implementation of both Google Panda and Google Penguin, the worry of manipulating PageRank should have disappeared. So what is really making me scratch my head is why has Google decided to no longer provide this information?




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