5 Essential Keys To Finding A Quality SEO Service

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seo-wheat-chaffNot all SEO professionals are alike and while there are some better than others it can be difficult to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff? There are a thousand different questions you could ask about their tactics and strategy; but who has time to ask a thousand questions? What you want is to find an SEO that is concerned about your business’ best interest and not just his or her own best interest. Set aside all the tactics, strategies, and everything else. What makes finding a quality SEO service is being able to evaluate the SEO themselves and not necessarily what they will do. At least not in the beginning. Do you want to build your business on a solid foundation or on sand? In the same way you want solid ground for your business foundation, SEO requires solid fundamental strong people doing the work. The following points are ways to quickly identify quality SEO Services.

They focus on your business goals
To make any online marketing strategy really sing, it has to be inline with the over direction of the business. A top notch SEO will want to know what your business goals are to tailor the best SEO strategy to meet those goals. Your online marketing strategy needs to be in sync with your business strategy. They shouldn’t be pushing their own agenda or talk about the hot new SEO tips and tricks. You need what’s going to work for your business and not what’s going to work for theirs.

Quality SEO’s don’t name drop Google
This one drives me up the wall. When an SEO says they work with Google or even for Google, it’s time to hang up the phone or walk away from the table. That’s a dead giveaway they are trying to gain your trust by implying they have the inside track for SEO. An SEO should be proud of their own efforts or their agencies. They should be able to articulate how they or their company has been able to specifically meet the needs of their clients.

Search ranking is not a goal
The moment an seo company starts talking about getting your business ranked high in search results, that is another deal breaker. This is old news but still a very enticing selling point so SEO’s will still mention it.  Since the implementation of personalized search, search engine ranking is relative to the user and not absolute anymore.

In reality, search ranking position should be a by product of seo efforts and not a goal. Too many people have been burned by short term gimmicks and quick fixes. If they aren’t talking to you about long term strategy they aren’t interested in really making your business grow.

Tailor SEO strategy and tactics around your business strengths
SEO is a very broad term and can range in a variety of strategies and tactics. Everything from site optimization, site promotion (more commonly known as link building but there is a difference), content creation, and even content curation just to name a few. So with so many different options available, you want an SEO that is going to build a strategy specific to your online needs and not what the hot or trendy tactics are or even a cookie cutter plan. Your business is unique and your SEO strategy should be too.

Develop a long term strategy
Finally, the measure of an SEO is in the strategy they implement. SEO is not a quick fix or about fast results. Period. It takes effort and time. So if they promise you fast results it can be tempting to sign on the bottom line. But do you really want to risk your business on results that can actually harm it? Just ask the thousands of businesses out there that are still trying to recover from Google penalties because they choose the route of quick and easy.

Everything that I’ve outlined can be used to evaluate an SEO even before you pick up the phone. Just visit their website and see how they project themselves. Use the points I’ve outlined and see how measure up. This simple act alone can save you tons of time and not to mention money. Isn’t your business worth it?

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