New AdWords Ad Extension: Social Extensions

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google +1 buttonGoogle is certainly on a roll this past couple of weeks with new elements in social media. Just this week alone we saw the launch of Google+ pages. Following on the heals of this, Google has now integrated the +1 button recommendations into AdWords with the addition of a new ad extension called social extension.

So what does this do?
Right now, without social extensions, any ads that have a +1 button will only show the number of people who have +1’d the landing page the ad is being served for. But with social extensions enabled, when your AdWords ad is displayed, all +1’s that your brand has received in total is displayed. So it doesn’t matter any longer where or how they clicked the +1 button, your AdWords ad will show the cumulative +1’s. This gives the person viewing your ad, an idea of just how many people in total are recommending products or services on your website.

 Where is it found?
Just like all the other ad extensions, the social extension can be found in the ‘Ad extension’ tab from within your AdWords ‘Campaign’ heading. (If you don’t see the ‘Ad extension’ tab, click on the down arrow to the far right and check the box from the drop down menu.)

 What is the benefit?
So let’s say you have an ad showing in position 5 on the side of the page for paid advertisements. And this ad is using social extensions and has a significant number of +1’s, it gives that ad more weight because it has the total +1’s being shown where all the other ads might not have social extensions enabled at all. This can leverage your ad by improving performance and conversions.

How to measure the impact
To see just how the social extension is performing on your AdWords account, Google has added a new reporting segment. This can be viewed at the campaign, ad group, keyword, or ad level using the new +1 annotation segment. This metric will breakout the data into 3 categories:

  • Impressions with personal annotations – (impressions where the viewer had a friend or contact who had +1’d your brand.)
  • Impressions with basic annotations – (impressions that included an anonymous count of people who +1’d your brand)
  • Impressions without any social annotations

The nice thing about this segment reporting is that it will work regardless if the social extensions are enabled.

So in the end, Google’s AdWords social extensions adds a unique dynamic to paid ads that looks to improve performance and recommendation worthiness of it’s products and services. Google is in effect, breaking down the boundaries between different online marketing platforms creating a fluid and dynamic overall online user experience.

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