Google AdWords New Rollout: Shared Budget

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google adwordsGoogle launched a few new features for their AdWords product recently. I had a chance to watch a video that outlines the new features and how to implement them (video available below). The highlights from the updates are new options available in the shared library. After watching the video, I have to say that sharing budgets across campaigns does show promise.

The key takeaway I got about budget sharing is the ability to efficiently make use of campaign budgets without having to manually making adjustments while at the same time having the benefits of campaign settings like geotargeting. (This is explained in the video during the Q&A session at time index 41:10)

At this time, budget sharing isn’t available to all AdWords account, but keep an eye out for it as it can be a useful feature for campaigns that you are breaking out but still need to use budget efficiently.


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