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Local businesses have 2 things that are, more often than not, always short in supply. Time and money. And trying to make paid search advertising, like Google Adwords, work is always a challenge when you don’t have either of these working for you. But there are ways to turn a lack of time and money into an advantage with right paid search strategy.

Limit the number of products to start advertising
First off, a good way to save money is to limit the products or services that will be advertised on. So instead of advertising on your entire line of products or all your services, why not just focus on just a few of your core items that are either the most popular or the most profitable. Hopefully they will be one in the same. Get advertising up and running on just a few items and then you can scale your work to other products and service. This has the double advantage of saving both time and money.

Utilize Adwords features specific to the business
If your business relies heavily on the phone then your going to want to have your phone number show in your ad. This can be done with Google Call Extensions. With call extensions, your business phone number shows along with the normal paid text ad. This has the benefit of taking up more space for your ad and outshining your competitors. But the real money saving benefit of call extensions is that there is no charge if someone were to see the ad and decide to call instead of clicking the ad itself.

Now for businesses that relies more on foot traffic than phone calls than your going to want to have your business address show in the ad. There is a Adwords feature called location extensions that will enable businesses to do that. Similar to call extensions, when a business address is displayed along with the regular text ad, you don’t pay for the click if they clicked on the location since it won’t lead to the business website but instead the Google Map location.

Setting specific times to show AdWords ads
If you have fixed business hours then it may make sense to only advertise during those hours. One of the most money saving but underutilized feature in Adwords that would benefit local businesses the most is ad scheduling. This campaign level setting can be customized for hours of the day and the specific days of the week.

Paid search advertising, like Google Adwords, can still be a very effective local marketing strategy even for those local businesses that must constantly find the balance between limited time for marketing management and limited marketing funds. The key is to make the best use of the features available within the Adwords management system.


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