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Internet marketing involves a wide array of different strategies, ideas, and tactics. Just as abundant are the terms used in Internet marketing. I put together a web glossary of terms to help demystify many of the common terms used in online marketing. Specifically I focused on terms and definitions that are relevant to local businesses and SMB’s.

Internet Marketing Dictionary Index:

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) – A single portable webfile that outlines content of a website to make it easy to read outside of the website itself.

Remarketing – A type of advertising by Google AdWords that allows a business to show a secondary ad to users that visited a website after clicking on the initial ad. There are various conditions that can be set up, along with various ads, to best try to sell to a visitor. The most common type of remarketing strategy is to show an ad with a discount to a user that didn’t buy anything after seeing the initial ad in order to entice them to return and make a purchase.

Responsive Design – A coding scheme for websites that ‘recognizes’ what type of device (computer, tablet, mobile device) is viewing the website and optimizes the viewing for the appropriate device. The benefit of responsive design is that there is only 1 website needed as opposed to having different websites for each device.


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