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Internet marketing involves a wide array of different strategies, ideas, and tactics. Just as abundant are the terms used in Internet marketing. I put together a web glossary of terms to help demystify many of the common terms used in online marketing. Specifically I focused on terms and definitions that are relevant to local businesses and SMB’s.

Internet Marketing Dictionary Index:

Off-page SEO – Refers to search engine optimization strategies that focus on tactics designed to bring traffic to a website. Examples of tactics would include link building, guest blogging, and general site promotion.

On-page SEO – Refers to the search engine optimization strategies that focus on structuring and organizing a website the best way possible for search engines to rank and index it. And for visitors to have a positive user experience. Tactics include, but not limited to, meta tag crafting, internal link structure, content creation, and including relevant keywords in content.

Outbound Links – These are links that originate from your website and connect ‘out’ to another website.

Owned Media – This is a type of media that is produced, managed, or under the control of the company. Some online examples would include blogs, the website, or social media pages. Offline examples would include press releases, print materials such as flyers and brochures, and in-store marketing collateral.

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