Internet Marketing Definitions – G

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Internet marketing involves a wide array of different strategies, ideas, and tactics. Just as abundant are the terms used in Internet marketing. I put together a web glossary of terms to help demystify many of the common terms used in online marketing. Specifically I focused on terms and definitions that are relevant to local businesses and SMB’s.

Internet Marketing Dictionary Index:

Geo-targeting – A way to advertise based on location or region of the user. This is commonly seen for local businesses that mainly target those in their general vicinity.

Googlebot – A piece of software employed by Google designed to gather data about websites and their specific webpages in order to index the site in Google’s vast database.

Google+ Local – A Google product that allows local businesses to list their business within local search results and be displayed within Google Maps. Businesses can provide general details about their business such as name, address, phone and general description and other more specific details. Google has a whole section devoted to Google+ Local.


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