Internet Marketing Definitions – A

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Internet marketing involves a wide array of different strategies, ideas, and tactics. Just as abundant are the terms used in Internet marketing. I put together a web glossary of terms to help demystify many of the common terms used in online marketing. Specifically I focused on terms and definitions that are relevant to local businesses and SMB’s.

Internet Marketing Dictionary Index:

Above the Fold – Refers to part of the web page that is viewable when at the very top of the site. The actual amount that is viewable will different from monitor to monitor because of resolution differences.

AdSense (Google Adsense) – A Google advertising platform that let’s website owners earn a small commission for allowing ads from the Google Display Network to be shown on their website. The commission is a very small percentage of the cost of the advertiser spends for the ad. AdSense is a form of contextual advertising as it uses the content of the website to show relevant ads.

AdWords (Google Adwords) – A Google product that generates the lion’s share of Google’s revenue. AdWords is a paid search advertising platform. Businesses can show ads to searchers on Google’s search engine and partner sites such as Google’s Display Network and Youtube. Ads are served auction style meaning the highest bid gets the highest position and each subsequent bidder gets the next lowest position.

Affiliate Marketing – Very similar to traditional or offline referral marketing, businesses pay a commission to those that promote the businesses products and services that result in a sale or lead for the business. Businesses are generally referred to as advertisers and the affiliate is referred to as the publisher.

Anchor Text – Refers to the text used to provide a hyperlink to another website. The text can be almost anything and doesn’t have to be the URL of the link itself. But as a best practice, the anchor text should be relevant to the page it is linking to.

Analytics (Google Analytics) – The name of Google’s web metrics platform. Analytics provides very useful metrics on visitors, traffic, ecommerce tranactions and general website data. Analytics can be linked with Google AdWords and with Google Webmaster Tools to provide a very detailed information about a website.

Alt Tag – An HTML tag that is associated with images on a website. Web browsers and search engines work best at understanding a website’s content by looking at the text.  So when there are images having an alt tag that describes the image helps search engines index them better.

Autoresponder – A simple web tool or script that can automatically respond to emails with a prewritten message such as “I’m out of the office until July 10th. I’ll get back to you when I get back in the office.”



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