Yelp Continues to Penalize Businesses For Paid Reviews

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Yelp consumer alerts

Yelp consumer alerts

Yesterday on Yelp’s blog, they announced another round of Yelp business pages being hit with a ‘consumer alert’ notification for being caught paying for or otherwise incentivizing reviews. Yelp has always been on the lookout for reviews that were either solicited or even fake and began cracking down through their Consumer Alerts Program back in October of 2012. Businesses that engage in this activity have warning banner display on their Yelp listing for 90 days (see companion screenshot).

The issue of getting  reviews has always been a dilemma for local businesses. How to get reviews on sites like Yelp but do it the right way as to not get penalized and, at the same time, get people to actually post a review. There isn’t anything wrong with asking your customers for a testimonial or a review. What Yelp is addressing is the manner in which businesses are trying to get them.

So what’s the secret ingredient for getting reviews? In the words of Mr. Ping, Po’s father in the movie Kung Fu Panda, “The secret ingredient is…nothing”. There is no trick or tactic that you can use. Just like in the movie, Mr. Ping just made darn good soup. He believed he made the best in the world. So if businesses are looking for some sort of  “secret” for getting reviews then it should be on making the business the best at what it does and people will just naturally want to tell people about it. But I get it, sometimes customers need a little motivation to do it.

I’m actually working on a blog post that will outline how to get reviews without incentivizing them. So please come back and check it out.



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