How To Start A Successful Online Marketing Campaign

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marketing-planSmall businesses, unlike major brands, don’t always have deep pockets or the resources to fund marketing campaigns. But, they still need to have a diversified marketing portfolio. Regardless of the actual dollars invested, having a dedicated marketing budget will make sure that the business is on track. One major hurdle for small businesses is knowing how much to dedicate to marketing because money is always tight.

Avoid the marketing noise
Too often, businesses jump on the marketing ‘bandwagon’ when the latest trends and marketing news comes out about how to gain more traffic or creating content. Business owners rush to implement and get frustrated when it doesn’t work right off the bat or takes too long. But if the same business owner took the time to answer 1 simple question, they could save a lot of time, effort, and probably money. That question is, does it makes sense for my business? Not all trends will be successful for every business and not implementing the latest trend won’t mean your business is a failure either.  At some point the trend might be appropriate but other campaigns might need to be set up and run beforehand.

Play to the strengths of the company
The marketing campaign that will produce the greatest results is the one that should always be  looked at first. What does the business do really well? Does the company have a really good blog with great content that can leveraged? Then an SEO campaign would be a great place to start. Do you have a competitive advantage on a product or service? A paid search advertising campaign through AdWords would be ideal. By playing your strengths first, this gives time for other marketing efforts to get off the ground.

Starting an online marketing campaign with these 2 ideas in mind, first and foremost, lays a solid foundation to build from and expand into new campaigns.


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