2 New Google Webmaster Tool Features

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If you haven’t connected Google Webmaster Tools to your website, there are 2 new features that will give you reason to do so now. Google announced last month that they have included a ‘Blocked Resources’ and a ‘Fetch and Render’ report to give webmasters a better idea of how elements of a website do or do not appear on a website. Specifically, these web elements are images, cascading style sheets (CSS), and JavaScript.

The Blocked Resources report can be found within Webmaster Tools under the Google Index menu item. This report gives details about what is being blocked by the robots.txt file for your website so you can actually see what specific elements are not being included in Google’s indexing.


As you can see in the image above, I have 15 pages that have elements being blocked by my robots.txt file. By clicking on the row, you can see the specific elements that are being blocked. This is useful to double check on elements that you may not have wanted to be blocked or make sure the right elements are being blocked. Regardless of how you use the resource, being able to see what Googlebot sees can be a real eye opener (no pun intended).

The Fetch and Render report can be found under the Crawl menu item and selecting Fetch as Google. If you are familiar with the Fetch as Google option, you’ll notice that Fetch is still available but Fetch and Render is now available as well. So you can select a web page to analyze and see how Google views the page.


In the above image, I’ve selected a page on my site to analyze. On the right is how a person will see the page and on the left is how Googlebot sees it. You’ll notice that the logo image and the banner ad are not being seen by Googlebot. Also, if you look closely at where the logo was you’ll notice that instead of the image there is a text version of my logo.

Both of these features are welcome addition to Google Webmaster Tools. Both provide a clearer way to check on elements of the website and decide if they should be blocked or not.

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